Steps to Implement a Fleet Preventive Maintenance Plan


The best way to reduce and avoid vehicle breakdowns is preventive maintenance for fleets. The basis of preventive maintenance is engine hours, time, mileage, and gallons of fuels used. 

The preventive maintenance plan will also trigger activities such as vehicle inspection, testing, and cleaning. It will set alerts for replacement of parts, repairs, lubrication, and other ongoing maintenance activity in case of a breach of predefined thresholds.

Such a proactive maintenance facility elevates the lifespan of the vehicle. This activity, in turn, helps the company to extract maximum performance from the cars or trucks without having to do expensive repairs. If the fleet owners carried out proactive maintenance, it means that chances of costly repair work will go down as the vehicles are running in top shape. Conversely, if the cars are operating under a reactive maintenance approach, then the decision-maker will come to know of the problem only after the issue has happened. This delay would lead to costly remedial measures, which will eat into the company’s profitability. 

It is possible to reduce the long-term with preventive maintenance by extending the usable life of your vehicle. It also helps to ensure the safety of vehicle operators on the roads. 

Here are some critical aspects to remember when devising a Fleet Preventive Maintenance Plan

  1. What things to cover in the plan?

For an effective fleet preventive maintenance software plan, you will need a few essential items that include:

  • Checklist of preventive maintenance activities
  • Service interval to perform preventive maintenance 
  • Drivers process to submit written inspections
  • An automotive facility where repairs, support, and evaluation will take place
  • A method for ordering parts and maintaining spare parts inventory
  1. Fleet maintenance software

It is possible to execute fleet preventive maintenance software manually. But investing in a software solution can automate much of the supervision and management process for fleet maintenance. To make your maintenance process easier, there are a variety of fleet maintenance software solutions that are affordable for a small fleet as well. Compared to manual methods, fleet maintenance software can generate reports in just a few minutes. The solution makes it easy for fleet operators to report on issues and submit required reports. Automated data collection reduces human error increasing overall efficiency and accuracy.

  1. Establish a baseline

You will need a clear picture of the current status of every vehicle in your fleet, before implementing a preventive maintenance program. This step will need complete data about maintenance history for the truck or car, the parts replaced, and the vendors used. It can also check gas levels and fuel consumption between two maintenance periods. 

  1. Develop a PM service Checklist

A service checklist should include safety tasks, required inspections, and fleet preventive maintenance software tasks. It should also include the following

  • General tune-up
  • Changing engine oil and filters
  • Inspecting electrical components system
  • Inspecting the steering and suspension system
  • Inspecting the exhaust system
  • Seasonal replacement of tires
  • Inspection of cooling and fuel systems
  • Checking fluid leaks
  • Inspecting engine and transmission mounts
  1. Track metrics and monitor success

It is essential to establish key performance metrics and track results as all new processes and procedures have room for improvement. By monitoring the vehicles throughout their lifespan and over time, you will have data that indicates your maintenance plan is saving your company long-term goals. A good sign that you are getting value from your program is when you get several years out of your vehicle compared to the average vehicle lifespan.

Signing off

Many steps are involved in the process of implementing fleet preventive maintenance software. These insights can help you make more informed decisions when it’s time to invest in new vehicles. 

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