Important Questions to Ask a Used Car Dealer


You should think specifically about how this car will be used and its primary function. Is boot space a must-have? How many passengers will regularly be transported? Secondly, set a budget for your used car and make sure you ask these essential questions:

When buying any used car, you should always inquire about the vehicle’s service history. A good Japanese used cars dealer company has a full detailed history of any services and repairs and includes all records and receipts.

Another important question that can often reveal a lot of information regarding the car is the reason for the sale. More importantly, when buying from smaller or private dealers, this simple question, if answered honestly, should give a clear insight as to how the car has performed in the past.


Be sure to ask about the mileage. By rule of thumb, 10,000 miles per year is an average amount. Mileage is significant when judging how reliable a vehicle is.

It is always important to ask about ownership. Ask to see records and certificates to validate any claims of ownership; this will ensure that you are not purchasing a stolen vehicle.

Test Drive

With the performance and history questions answered, you then want to spend a considerable amount of time getting to know the car. Ask to test drive any used car for at least 15 minutes. This will allow you to get to grips with steering and brake control and allow enough time for any severe flaws to arise.

Car History

Just as important as repairs and services are car accident history. A trustworthy dealer will be forthcoming about a used car accident history. However, this information can be easily sourced online.

Ask about any special features included, CD players, air conditioning and electric windows, be sure they operate! Take the time to thoroughly inspect the car, note any noticeable damage, and ask to have it fixed before purchase. Some more high end used car dealers will also go as far as to supply you with a new set of tires. Remember, if you don’t ask you, don’t get!

With more and more focus being environmentally friendly and economically aware, you may wish to ask about fuel consumption. Ask for a receipt! Ensure you have agreed on a suitable return policy and have read over your contracts thoroughly.


Once you are 100 percent sure that you have found your ideal car, enquire about the price. If it is out with your budget, try and negotiate. This is your opportunity to get an outstanding deal, so always be aware of your budget and stand your ground.

The used car market is at an all-time high. Never has there been a better time to take advantage and benefit from the amazing deals and offers that are available. Having asked all of these questions and made sure that enough thought and research have gone into your decision, you will soon have a car to show off.

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