Car Rental or Car Lease in Dubai: Choose what best caters to your needs.


Which makes more sense? To rent a car monthly or to lease a car in Dubai (long-term rental)? Agencies in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi provide both visitors and residents with various car rental choices. With the various options accessible it can be especially difficult to decide if you hire or lease a car for the first time in the UAE. It is important to carefully investigate before you decide what suits your needs, as every choice has its advantages and disadvantages. One important advice is to begin with the cheapest car rental list and move to the most reputable Car Rental agencies in Dubai.

 Below are clarifications on Car Leasing and Car Rental in Dubai 

1.How is renting a car different from leasing it?

The main difference between renting and leasing a car is the time frames and provider type. A vehicle can be rented on a regular, weekly or monthly basis, which is a short-term contract in comparison to leasing a car for a period for more than one year. Furthermore, car rental agencies provide rental cars and a leased car is usually provided by car dealers. 

2. What is the price difference between a long-term lease (yearly) from the monthly rent? 

Clients with a long-term lease are given better monthly rates and preferences on new cars. Also, the monthly rate for leased cars decreases as the time frame of the leased cars increases. For example, the Hyundai Accent, costs 1650 AED a month when leased for a year, whereas a three-year lease costs nearly 1500 AED a month.

3. What are the payment terms for renting a vehicle monthly or a lease basis?

You have to pay the rental fee for the first month including VAT and a security deposit which will be reimbursed after 30 days of the return date. 

Each month you will pay in advance for the rented car, so it is easy to cancel your monthly payment whenever you want. Nonetheless, and as a precautionary measure, you should notify the director in advance. Check this car rental company offering reliable and cheap car rental services, i think this is the best cheap car rental Dubai based agency providing both short term and monthly car rental services in a very reasonable cost.

Car leasing plans differ from one agency to another and there is no down payment. All you have to pay is the fixed security deposit which will be reimbursed after the end of your leasing period.

4. What are the characteristics that you might expect from Car Rental in Dubai?

Air condition, an FM-radio, a USB music player and a phone charging port are all included in all car rentals in Dubai. Don’t forget to bring your USB data cable for your mobile phones. More features such as GPS, child seats or Wi-Fi can be available on request and additional charges may apply.

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