6 Must Do’s Before Selling your Car in Dubai


It’s time to sell your car and buy a new one for yourself. But do you know that there are a few things you must do before selling any car in Dubai? If you have no idea about what we are talking about, then you must read the complete article and get to know the must-dos to sell any car in Dubai.

Every country has its own rules for everything like to buy or sell anything, export, import and a lot more. But here we will consider some major pre-selling requirements to sell any car in Dubai. Let’s start!

Know the Rules of Selling Your Car

One of the dos to sell any car is to know the rules of selling it. Sometimes it doesn’t make any harm to not following the rules but sometimes you can be in some trouble so try to follow the rules. For example, it is not allowed to place a for sale ad on your car. If any traffic warden sees your car with the ad placed on it, you will be fined for it.

Also, you are not allowed to wash your car on roads in Dubai, if caught, you can again be fined. So, to wash your car, before selling it, take it to the service station because it is a safe choice.

Clean the Car Thoroughly

The second thing you can do to sell your car Dubai is to clean your car wholly. If the car looks presentable, then it will make a good impression on the buyer. It will be an appealing deal as the buyer will be satisfied with the look of the car. Also, clean the interior of the car, change the seat covers, if they are too old to look appealing. Apply the wax on the exterior of the car so it looks shiny and attractive. Clean the inside mats of the car too. This will definitely boost the price of the car. Cheers!!

Get the Small Renovations Performed

This is an important step before selling your car to make all the repairings done. If your car has some dents or needs some parts of the car to be painted, make it done before placing the ad anywhere. If your car needs some mechanical repairing, then again you should do that too. Take your car to the mechanic, have a brief check-up and perform the remodeling of needed.

Collect the Necessary Documents

To sell any car in Dubai or anywhere in the world, you need to complete the documents first. It is necessary to hold all your documents expected at the time of the deal. You need to have your registration card, id card, copy of the power of attorney, the ownership transfer form etc.  If any of the required documents are not present or you don’t have a copy of that paper, then you should arrange the records and finish the documentation before placing any kind of sale ad for your car.

Know the Market Value of the Car

Do you know the market value of the car you are going to sell? If not, first make a brief research about the market demand to sell your car in Dubai. For that, you can visit the showrooms near you, or search on the websites which buy and sell the cars. You can search the price for the car model, age, mileage, etc for the cars as you have and make an estimate for your car then. After that ask a reasonable price for your car. Asking a too high price for you may make it difficult to sell it. An average range will be a good choice for your car and yourself. There are some car evaluation tools available online, enter the car information in these tools and get to know the value of your car in a few seconds.

Consider the Local Car Dealerships

To sell any car in Dubai, you can consider communicating the car deals because sometimes, you can not make a significant price for your car to sell. A car merchant is already hunkering in the market and better knows the price for your model and condition of the car. He can make a good deal for your car and it is also possible that he may have a potential buyer too who can buy your car and you will have to take no pain in all the selling process. Like I sell my car in Dubai to Expat Car Buyers they really give me good price for my car the price that i didnt find any where. In crisp, a car dealer is simply a good option to sell your car. If you are done with all the dos enumerated above, you will find no difficulty in selling your car. Don’t get pressurized in any circumstances, do not make an inadequate deal for your car, take the explicit steps and get an exemplary price for your car.

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